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2014-15 Cherokee High School Basketball Schedule


2014-15 WRGS Cherokee High School Basketball Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, 11/13: Cherokee at Tennessee High-6:15pm
Monday, 11/17: West Greene at Cherokee-6:15pm
Thursday, 11/20: Greenville at Cherokee-6:15pm

Monday, 11/24 - Saturday, 11/29:
Cherokee Boys in Hardee's Classic at David Crockett High School

Monday, 11/24: Cherokee vs. David Crockett-8:15pm
Tuesday, 11/25: Cherokee vs. Sullivan South-5:15pm
Saturday, 11/28: Cherokee vs. Daniel Boone-2:15pm

Tuesday, 12/2: Cherokee at Cocke County-6:15pm
Friday, 12/5: Seymour at Cherokee-6:15pm
Tuesday, 12/9: Cherokee at Morristown East-6:15pm
Friday, 12/12: Sevier County at Cherokee-6:15pm
Saturday, 12/13: Cherokee at Volunteer-6:00pm
Tuesday, 12/16: Jefferson County at Cherokee-6:15pm
Thursday, 12/18: Cherokee at West Greene-6:15pm

Friday, 12/26 - Tuesday, 12/30
Cherokee Boys in New People's Bank Christmas Tournament at Sullivan North

Saturday, 12/27: Cherokee vs. Daniel Boone-5:45pm
Monday, 12/29:
Tuesday, 12/30:

Tuesday, 1/6: Morristown West at Cherokee-6:15pm
Friday, 1/9: Cherokee at South-Doyle-6:15pm
Saturday, 1/10: Volunteer at Cherokee-6:00pm
Tuesday, 1/13: Cocke County at Cherokee-6:15pm
Friday, 1/16: Cherokee at Seymour-6:15pm
Tuesday, 1/20: Morristown East at Cherokee-6:15pm
Friday, 1/23: Cherokee at Sevier County-6:15pm
Tuesday, 1/27: Cherokee at Morristown West-6:15pm
Friday, 1/30: South-Doyle at Cherokee-6:15pm
Tuesday, 2/3: Cherokee at Jefferson County-6:15pm

Monday, 2/9 - Tuesday, 2/17: District 2-3A Tournament at South-Doyle

2014-15 Cherokee Boys Basketball Results

Cherokee-58, Tennessee High-53
Cherokee-60, Greeneville-37
David Crockett-83, Cherokee-50
Sullivan South-60, Cherokee-40
Cherokee-64, Daniel Boone-54
Cherokee-70, Cocke County-64 (OT)
Cherokee-49, Seymour-43
Morristown East-59, Cherokee-53
Sevier County-50, Cherokee-35
Volunteer-49, Cherokee-24
Jefferson County-63, Cherokee-34
Cherokee-56, West Greene-46

2014-15 Cherokee Boys Basketball Roster

00. Gordon Moncier (5/11, So, W)
2. Fletcher Hickman (5/10, So, W)
4. Kendall Felder (6/3, Jr, P)
5. Teagan Trent (6/0, Jr, G)
10. Ty Cowan (6/0, Sr G)
11. Cade Gibson (6/2, Sr, W)
12. Grayson Cowan (6/2, So, P)
15. River Bailey (5/8, So, G)
20. Zack O'Leary (5/5, So, G)
23. Keaton Bailiff (6/1, Sr, G)
25. Colin Williams (5/6, Fr, G)
32. Matt Seals (5/7, Jr, W)

3 Sr, 3 Jr, 5 So, 1 Fr

HC-Jeremy Parrott:14th Season
ASST-Mathew Davenport: 5th Season
ASST-Casey Sivert: 1st Season

2014-15 Cherokee Boys Basketball Statistics

8 games:

Keaton Bailiff-179 points, 22.0 ppg, 15 3fg
Teagan Trent-79 points, 10.0 ppg, 7 3fg
Ty Cowan-53 points, 7.0 ppg, 8 3fg
Kendall Fielder-32 points, 4.0 ppg
Cade Gibson-7 games, 28 points, 4.0 ppg, 7 3fg
Zack O'Leary-26 points, 3.0 ppg, 2 3fg
Fletcher Hickman-24 points, 3.0 ppg, 1 3fg
Grayson Cowan-14 points, 2.0 ppg
Colin Williams-5 games, 5 points, 1.0 ppg
River Bailey-6 games, 2 points
Gordon Moncier-3 games
Matt Seals-3 games


FG: 167, 21.0 pg
3FG: 40, 5.0 pg
FT: 70, 9.0 pg

Cherokee-444 points, 56.0 avg
Opponent-453 points, 57.0 avg

Career Statistics:

Keaton Bailiff-639 career points, 53 3fg
Teagan Trent-293 career points, 28 3fg

Record: 5-3
Home: 2-0
Road: 2-2
Neutral: 1-1
District 2-3A: 2-1
Non-conference: 3-2

Jeremy Parrott-14th season, 194 wins

2014-15 Cherokee Girls Basketball Results

Tennessee High-82, Cherokee-10
Greeneville-67, Cherokee-42
Elizabethton-74, Cherokee-19
Sullivan Central-67, Cherokee-55
Hampton-51, Cherokee-32
Cocke County-65, Cherokee-39
Seymour-59, Cherokee-46
Morristown East-68, Cherokee-33
Sevier County-51, Cherokee-39
Volunteer-61, Cherokee-29
Jefferson County-69, Cherokee-13
West Greene-43, Cherokee-32

2014-15 Cherokee Girls Basketball Roster

10. Madison Andrews: Jr, G
11. Kaitlin Parsons: So, W
12. Keely Henard: Fr, G
15. Lacey Turner: Fr G
20. Jada Livesay: Fr, P
21. Rylynn Russell: So, W
22. Kelsey Nichols: Jr, G
23. Kirsteen Henson: Fr, W
24. Faith Webb: Fr, P
30. Kinsey Trent: So, W
33. Naome Lewis: Fr, G
42. Brittney Nielsen: Fr, P
50. Samantha Marlow: Sr, P

1 Sr, 2 Jr, 3 So, 7 Fr

HC-Jason Lawson: 2nd Season
ASST-Larry Justis: 1st Season
ASST-Ashley Price: 1st Season

2014-15 Cherokee Girls Basketball Statistics

8 games:

Kinsey Trent-61 points, 8.0 ppg, 12 3fg
Samantha Marlow-7 games, 58 points, 8.0 ppg
Kaitlin Parsons-48 points, 6.0 ppg, 12 3fg
Keely Henard-43 points, 5.0 ppg, 5 3fg
Madison Andrews-26 points, 3.0 ppg, 3 3fg
Faith Webb-20 points, 3.0 ppg
Brittany Nielsen-7 games, 12 points, 2.0 ppg
Naome Lewis-6 points, 1.0 ppg
Rylynn Russell-4 points, 1.0 ppg
Kirsten Henson-1 point
Kelsey Nichols-2 games, 1 point, 1.0 ppg
Jada Livesay-6 games
Lacy Turner-6 games


Cherokee-276 points, 35.0 avg
Opponent-533 points, 67.0 avg

Career Statistics:

Samantha Marlow-742 career points
Kinsey Trent-213 career points

Record: 0-8
Home: 0-2
Road: 0-3
Neutral: 0-3
District 2-3A: 0-3
Non-conference: 0-6

Cherokee High School Sports'Sports'

Cherokee Baseball Dugout Club

TSSAA Conference Alignment for Region 1-4A for 2015 & 2016

Sullivan Central
Sullivan East
Sullivan South

2015 Cherokee Football Schedule

8/28: Daniel Boone
9/4: at Sullivan Central
9/11: at Cocke County
9/18: Sullivan South
9/25: David Crockett
10/2: at Seymour
*10/9: Volunteer
10/16: at Greeneville
10/23: Sullivan East
10/30: at Grainger

*Fall Break is the week following the Volunteer game. The Cherokee Athletic Department is asking families to make their vacation plans to start after the Volunteer game.

2014 Cherokee Football Schedule

Friday, August 22: Sullivan South
Friday, August 29: at Daniel Boone
Friday, September 5: at Morristown West
Friday, September 12: at Volunteer
Friday, September 19: Morristown East
Friday, September 26: Open
Friday, October 3: Sevier County
Friday, October 10: at South-Doyle
Friday, October 17: at Jefferson County
Friday, October 24: Cocke County
Friday, October 31: Seymour

2014 Cherokee Football Results

Sullivan South-49, Cherokee-13
Daniel Boone-33, Cherokee-20
Morristown West-55, Cherokee-7
Cherokee-26, Volunteer-15
Morristown East-43, Cherokee-0
Sevier County-51, Cherokee-10
South-Doyle-48, Cherokee-0
Jefferson County-31, Cherokee-3
Cocke County-60, Cherokee-24
Seymour-26, Cherokee-14

2014 WRGS Cherokee Football Statistics: 10 games

Teagan Trent-7 (3 rushing, 3 receiving, 1 int. return)
Jeremiah Bragg-5 rushing
Tyler Mays-3 receiving

J.T. Brooks-60/136, 704 yards, 4 td, 17 int
Nathan Smith-7/13, 93 yards, 1 td, 1 int
Jack Bevill-1/1, 71 yards, 1 td
Jeremiah Bragg-1/1, 29 yards
Teagan Trent-1/3, 15 yards, 1 int

Jeremiah Bragg-120 att, 694 yards, 5.7 avg, 5 td
Teagan Trent-84 att, 302 yards, 3 td
Matt Seals- 1 att, 23 yards
Nathan Smith-18 att, 23 yards
Derrick Hayes-4 att, 20 yards
Jack Bevill-2 att, 14 yards
Jacob Linkous-4 att, 1 yard
J.T. Brooks-42 att, -144 yards

Teagan Trent-19 rec, 296 yards, 3 td
Tyler Mays-14 rec, 206 yards, 3 td
Jeremiah Bragg-11 rec, 142 yards
Mylon Brewer-13 rec, 136 yards
Nathan Smith-2 rec, 45 yards
Jaret Brooks-3 rec, 23 yards
Houston Hamilton-2 rec, 23 yards
Jack Bevill-2 rec, 17 yards
Grayson Cowan-1 rec, 15 yards
Jarrod Witt-2 rec, 12 yards
Hunter Wilcox-1 rec, 11 yards

Matt Seals: 12-15 ep, 5-7 fg 8 touchbacks
Matt Seals: 45 for 1499 yards, 33.3 avg

Kickoff Returns:
Jeremiah Bragg-20 for 441 yards
Teagan Trent-12 for 250 yards
Houston Hamilton-2 for 36 yards
Tyler Mayes-2 for 38 yards
Hayden Roper-1 for 13 yards
Jack Bevill-2 for 18 yards

Punt Returns:
Teagan Trent-3 for 38 yards
Jeremiah Bragg-3 for 7 yards

Andrew Buttry-93 tackles, 2 fr, 3 sacks
Houston Hamilton-66 tackles, 1 fr
Jack Bevill-56 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 int
Teagan Trent-51 tackles, 1 sack, 1 int, 2 fr
Jeremiah Bragg-39 tackles, 1 int
Grayson Cowan-38 tackles, 1 fr
James Peterman: 25 tackles
Tyler Mays-24 tackles
Mylon Brewer-22 tackles, 1 int
Hunter Wilcox-19 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 fr
Ethan Watkins-17 tackles, 1 fr, 1 sack
Shane Sims: 15 tackles
Jacob Linkous-12 tackles, 1 sack
Peyton Cinnamon-10 tackles, 1 sack, 1 fr
Race Greene-7 tackles
Jackson Manis-7 tackles
Angus Kneschke: 6 tackles
Lucas Miskus: 5 tackles, 1 fr
Jordan Pabian-5 tackles
Tanner Hughes-4 tackles
Nathan Smith-4 tackles
Michael James-3 tackles
Matt Seals: 3 tackles
Peyton Greene-2 tackles
Skylar Brewer: 2 tackles
Jaret Brooks-1 tackle
Kordell Burton-1 tackle
Damian Henry-1 tackle
Hayden Roper-1 tackle
Jared Witt-1 tackle

CHS-117 pts, 11.7 avg
OPP-411 pts, 41.1 avg

Team: CHS
1842 total yards, 184.2 avg
930 rushing yards, 93.0 avg
912 passing yards, 91.2 avg

Team: Opponent
3789 total yards, 378.9
2341 rushing yards, 234.1 avg
1448 yards passing yards, 144.8 avg

CHS-30 (19 interceptions, 11 fumbles)
OPP-15 (11 fumbles, 4 interceptions)
Ratio: -15

CHS-69 for 456 yards
OPP-65 for 570 yards

Record: 1-9
Home: 0-5
Road: 1-4
District 2-3A: 0-7
Non-conference: 1-2

Head Coach:
Mike Sivert-31st season, 158 wins at CHS, 185 total

Casey Jones
Jason Lawson
Chad Laster
Casey Sivert
Darrell Fain
Stacy Ryans
Zach Morris
Nick Winstead
Brad Bean

Career Numbers:

Teagan Trent:
19 total td (twelve rushing, four receiving, two KR, one int return)
153 tackles, 5 int, 1 sack
56 rec. 685 yards
196 att. 1119 yards
27 kickoff returns for 716 yards

Matt Seals:
60/68 ep, 6-10 fg

Tyler Mays:
4 td, (3 receiving, 1 int return)
65 tackles, 2 int
17 rec. 229 yards

Jack Bevill:
73 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 int

Ethan Watkins:
31 tackles, 2 sacks

James Peterman:
35 tackles

Mylon Brewer:
25 tackles, 1 int

2014 2-3A Final Standings:

South-Doyle: 12-1, 7-0
Sevier County: 8-4, 6-1
Morristown West: 7-4, 5-2
Morristown East: 6-5, 4-3
Cocke County: 3-7, 3-4
Jefferson County: 2-8, 2-5
Seymour: 2-8, 1-6
Cherokee: 1-9, 0-7

2014 Friday Football Forecast Final Standings:

2014 Friday Football Forecast Final Standings:

Philip Beal for Rogersville Vision Clinic: 86-14
Shona House for Cherokee Physical Therapy : 85-15
Chris Manis for Sharit's Insurance & Real Estate: 84-16
Chuck Charles for Civis Bank: 82-18
Sam Griffith for Hawkins County Farm Bureau: 79-21
Shane Bailey for Wellmont Hawkins County Memorial Hospital: 75-25
Bill Durham for Mounts Mechanical Contractors: 74-26
Joe Price for U-Save Drug Center: 74-26

2014-15 Cherokee All-Conference Team

Teagan Trent-2nd Team
Jeremiah Bragg-Honorable Mention
Matt Seals-Honorable Mention
Huston Hamilton-Honorable Mention
Andrew Buttry-Honorable Mention
John Livesay-All-Academic
Jack Bevill-All-Character 

2013-14 Cherokee All-District 2-3A


Tanner Trent-1st Team
Zane Parker-1st Team
Will Russell-1st Team
Andrew Testerman-1st Team
Evan McCracken-2nd Team
Dylan Heck-2nd Team
Teagan Trent-Honorable Mention
Jacob Watson-Honorable Mention
Zack Duncan-Honorable Mention
Landon Shaw-Honorable Mention
Tyler Tunnell-Honorable Mention
Chandler Jones-Honorable Mention


Tanner Trent
Samantha Marlow


Ryan Gibson: Pitcher of the Year
Matt Carter: Coach of the Year
Austin Crowder: 1st Team
Jacob Watson: 1st Team
Austin Crowder: 1st Team
Daniel Owen: 1st Team
Tanner Trent: Honorable Mention

The WRGS Broadcasting Crew

Jay Philips   Tom Underwood  

         Jay "Bang"  Phillips                                 Tom "Oh Man" Underwood              Chuck "Cherokee Standout" Charles

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