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WRGS Radio in Rogersville, Tennessee is home to the beloved Swap Shop, a program that brings listeners together for the buying and selling of personal goods. Find a great deal, or help others find what they're looking for, with our help. This program has been on the air each Monday through Saturday since 1954.

How It Works

Each morning at 9:35 am listeners call in to buy, sell, or trade. The program stays on air until the calls stop, which usually runs around 90 mintues. Businesses sponsor segments of Swap Shop daily, and you are also encouraged to visit Swap Shop Online, where you can browse and list items for sale.

For Personal Use

Swap Shop Online is for the purchase and sale of personal items only. Please do not advertise any goods or services related to a business. No matter your venue, we do not give free business advertising on Swap Shop. Please call our Sales Department at (423) 272-2628 to advertise your business.


WRGS provides Swap Shop available to the public free of charge. We are not responsible for, nor do we endorse or recommend, any items or claims made by those who use this service on WRGS Radio or Swap Shop Online at

Conditions of Use

We will not post any items we feel represent a business. If you feel your items are not related to a business please feel free to call our office. We will not list any service that competes with our advertisers. When using Swap Shop Online, please be aware of the following:

• Items Do Not Post Immediately
• All Items Are Subject to Review before Posting
• Items Will Be Posted Online within 24-36 Hours
• New Items Are Posted Monday through Friday
• Items Will Remain on the Listing for Seven Days
• It Is Not Necessary to Submit an Item More than Once per Day
• Please Place All Items on One Form
• All Postings Must Include Your Phone Number
Contact us in Rogersville, Tennessee, and let Swap Shop Online help you find what you've been looking for all along.

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