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2019 Cherokee Baseball Roster

2019 Cherokee Softball Roster

2019 Cherokee Baseball Schedule

2019 Cherokee Softball Schedule

2018-19 Cherokee Boys Basketball Roster

2018-19 Cherokee Girls Basketball Roster

2018-19 Cherokee Basketball Schedule

2018 WRGS Cherokee Football Stats (Updated 11/5/18)

2018 WRGS Cherokee Football Career 
Numbers (Updated 11/5/18)

2018 Cherokee Football Roster

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Cherokee High School Sports

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2019 Cherokee Baseball Results

1. Cherokee-1, Tennessee High-11
2. Cherokee-1, at Tennessee High-6
3. Cherokee-2, at Jefferson County-12
4. Cherokee-3, South-Doyle-14 (at Jefferson County)
5. Cherokee-10, Central Magnet-9 (at Seymour)
6. Cherokee-7, Rockwood-4 (at Sevier County)
7. Cherokee-8, Dobyns-Bennett-12 
8. Cherokee-2, at Dobyns-Bennett-5
9. Cherokee-7, Knox Carter-6
10. Cherokee-13, West Greene-4
11. Cherokee-6, Jefferson County-7
12. Cherokee-1, at Daniel Boone-2
13. Cherokee-5, Daniel Boone-3
14. Cherokee-10, Clinton-0
15. Cherokee-9, at Volunteer-6
16, Cherokee-12, Volunteer-2
17. Cherokee-6, Sullivan South-13
18. Cherokee-6, Chuckey-Doak-1
19. Cherokee-2, Sevier County-12 (at Carson-Newman)
20. Cherokee-0, Unicoi County-1 
21. Cherokee-5 at David Crockett-7
22. Cherokee-3, David Crockett-5 
23. Cherokee-3, at Sullivan South-13
24. Cherokee-8, at Science Hill-10
25. Cherokee-0, Science Hill-13
26. Cherokee-11, at Knox Carter-0
27. Cherokee-10, Cocke County-0
28. Cherokee-8, North Greene-3
29. Cherokee-2, at Daniel Boone-3 (District 1-3A Tournament) 

2019 Cherokee Softball Results  

1. Cherokee-3, at Dobyns-Bennett-8
2. Cherokee-3, Volunteer-13
3. Cherokee-6, at Tennessee High-16
4. Cherokee-0, at Jefferson County-7
5. Cherokee-6, at Science Hill-17
6. Cherokee-3, at David Crockett-4
7. Cherokee-4, Greenbriar-7 (Eastman Invitational)
8. Cherokee-2, Unicoi County-4 (Eastman Invitational)
9. Cherokee-0, Knox Halls-11 (Eastman Invitational)
10. Cherokee-0, Morristown East-3 (Eastman Invitational)
11. Cherokee-11, Patrick Henry, Virginia-2  (Eastman Invitational)
12. Cherokee-2, Boiling Springs, South Carolina-3  (Eastman Invitational)
13. Cherokee-1, at Volunteer-11
14. Cherokee-1, Tennessee High-12
15. Cherokee-0, at Daniel Boone-10
16. Cherokee-3, Science Hill-19
17. Cherokee-4, David Crockett-21 
18. Cherokee-0, Dobyns-Bennett-5
19. Cherokee-2, Daniel Boone-19
20. Cherokee-15, North Greene-9
21. Cherokee-8, West Greene-3
22. Cherokee-0, Science Hill-13 (District 1-3A Tournament at Volunteer) 

2018 Cherokee Boys Basketball Results

1. Cherokee-39, Elizabethton-52
2. Cherokee-57, University High-64
3. Cherokee-52, Knox Carter-59 (Grainger Thanksgiving Tournament)
4. Cherokee-54, Grainger-72 (Grainger Thanksgiving Tournament)
5. Cherokee-57, Pigeon Forge-68 (Grainger Thanksgiving Tournament)
6. Cherokee-66, Claiborne-47
7. Cherokee-66, at Volunteer-83
8. Cherokee-36, at Daniel Boone-61
9. Cherokee-61, at Red Bird Christian, Kentucky-71
10. Cherokee-61, at Knox Gibbs-66
11. Cherokee-48, at Sullivan South-63
12. Cherokee-42, Tennessee High-49
13. Cherokee-49, Sullivan South-46
14. Cherokee-51, at Claiborne-54
15. Cherokee-68, Happy Valley-47 (Sullivan North Christmas Tournament)
16, Cherokee-63, West Greene-53 (Sullivan North Christmas Tournament)
17. Cherokee-41, Sullivan South-66 (Sullivan North Christmas Tournament)
18. Cherokee-50, at Dobyns-Bennett-85
19. Cherokee-53, at David Crockett-76
20. Cherokee-45. at Science Hill-78
21. Cherokee-78, Volunteer-71
22. Cherokee-52, Daniel Boone-61
23. Cherokee-67, at Tennessee High-47
24. Cherokee-65, Knox Gibbs-54
25. Cherokee-47, Dobyns-Bennett-67
26. Cherokee-59, Red Bird Christian, Kentucky-34 
27. Cherokee-67, David Crockett-52
28. Cherokee-70, Science Hill-76 (OT)
29. Cherokee-62 at Daniel Boone-86 (District 1-3A Tournament)

2018 Cherokee Girls Basketball Results 

1. Cherokee-50, Elizabethton-52
2. Cherokee-59, University High-29
3. Cherokee-68, West Greene-34 (Greene County Thanksgiving Tournament at West Greene)
4. Cherokee-38, North Greene-40 (Greene County Thanksgiving Tournament at West Greene)
5. Cherokee-41, Claiborne-37
6. Cherokee-55, at Volunteer-28
7. Cherokee-31, at Daniel Boone-76
8. Cherokee-61, at Red Bird Christian, Kentucky-27
9. Cherokee-58, at Knox Gibbs-21
10. Cherokee-49, at Sullivan South-44 (OT)
11. Cherokee-41, Tennessee High-40 
12. Cherokee-50, Sullivan South-46
13. Cherokee-39, at Claiborne-31
14. Cherokee-38, Summerville, South Carolina-49 (Summerville Christmas Tournament)
15, Cherokee-42, Berkley, South Carolina-40 (Summerville Christmas Tournament)
16. Cherokee-54, Irmo, South Carolina-46 (Summerville Christmas Tournament
17. Cherokee-41, at Dobyns-Bennett-62
18. Cherokee-46, at David Crockett-41
19. Cherokee-34, at Science Hill-51
20. Cherokee-45, Volunteer-25
21. Cherokee-34, Daniel Boone-51
22. Cherokee-60, at Tennessee High-34
23. Cherokee-74, Knox Gibbs-34
24. Cherokee-35, Dobyns-Bennett-57 
25. Cherokee-71, Red Bird Christian, Kentucky-23 
26. Cherokee-36, David Crockett-38
27. Cherokee-46, Science Hill-74
29. Cherokee-43, David Crockett-37 (District 1-3A Tournament at Cherokee)
30. Cherokee-21, Dobyns-Bennett-54 (District 1-3A Tournament at Daniel Boone) 
31. Cherokee-49, at Daniel Boone-56 (District 1-3A Tournament)
32. Cherokee-40, at Sevier County-43, (Region 1-3A Tournament)

Football Helmet

2018 Cherokee Football Results:

1. Cherokee-28, Campbell County-49
2. Cherokee-21, South-Doyle-61
3. Cherokee-14, Morristown East-24
4. Cherokee-17, at Seymour-20
5. Cherokee-48, at Volunteer-27
6. Cherokee-35, at Morristown West-38
7. Cherokee-34, Cocke County-38
8. Cherokee-10, at  David Crockett-41
9. Cherokee-14, Tennessee High-49
10. Cherokee-15, at Daniel Boone-49